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What Is An Oxford Shirt?

Softer in its construction than a stiff dress shirt, and a tad more formal than your weekend flannel, the Oxford shirt is a solid, fail-safe option when you’re attempting to bridge the treacherous gap dividing smart and casual.

While the merits of owning an OCBD (or five) may come as no surprise, what might is that this staple has little to do with the English city with which it shares its name. In fact, the moniker is taken from the fact that it’s made exclusively from a thick, woven fabric known as Oxford cloth.

“Oxford cotton is created by weaving the cotton yarn in a certain way giving a textured rather than smooth finish,” explains Jermyn Street shirtmaker Emma Willis. “There are different types, starting with the classic Oxford, then the finer Prince Oxford, which has a slight sheen and more conspicuous weave.”

Despite often being referred to as an Oxford cloth button-down, not all are finished with a collar that fastens to the shirt. Those that do are inherently more casual, but smarter styles (most of which use collar stays to maintain their shape) still qualify as Oxford shirts if they’re cut from the right cloth.


History Of The Oxford Shirt

The Oxford shirt can be traced back to 19th century Scotland, where local mills were experimenting with different weaves and producing original fabrics. Four of these new types of cloth were named after the most prestigious universities of the day: Yale, Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford.

While the other three have since faded into sartorial obscurity, Oxford cloth has stood the test of time. This is thanks in no small part to Brooks Brothers, the oldest men’s clothing brand in the US.

In 1896, John E. Brooks noticed how English polo players pinned their collars down to keep them from flapping up during matches. Inspired by this, Brooks set about developing a shirt that used buttons to carry out the same task. The result was the Oxford shirt as we know it today and the end of the previous practice of men buying their shirts and collars separately.

Source: Brooks Brothers


However, it didn’t take long for the OCBD to gallop off the playing field, no doubt due to the fact that it looked equally at home paired with a tie and jacket as it did on horseback.

The style hit its peak in the mid-20th century when Oxford shirts were adopted by the preppy Ivy League set on America’s east coast and later Vespa-riding mods in the UK. “When I think of button-down Oxfords, I tend to think of Ben Sherman and the 1960s,” says Christopher Mundy of Jermyn Street’s Budd Shirts. “It became a keen look for many, as a fashion.”

From there on out, the Oxford shirt never went away – and given what a versatile piece of kit it is, it’s unlikely that it ever will.

Why Do You Need An Oxford Shirt?

In a word: versatility. The Oxford shirt has an unparalleled ability to blend into any setting and as part of almost any dress code. You could just as easily wear one to a formal event as you could down the pub. There aren’t many items of clothing you can say that about.

“It works well with a button-down collar and button cuff, but also looks great worn open, with a traditional collar and button cuff,” says Willis. “The Oxford has become [even more] popular as men do not have to dress so formally all the time and it converts so well from suit to jeans.”

How to wear an Oxford Shirt for different occasions

Whether you’re suiting up for a work meeting or cobbling together a casual outfit for the weekend, getting dressed is made infinitely easier with a selection of Oxford shirts to hand.

To give you a friendly nudge in the right direction, we asked stylist Sarah Gilfillan from personal shopping service Sartoria Lab to recommend four fail-safe ways to wear your OCBD, whatever the occasion.



Oxford cloth may not be as fancy as poplin or pique weaves commonly used on dress shirts, but it can still be worn with a suit if you know how to get it right.

“An Oxford shirt is not the most formal style, so when it comes to styling, up the formality with high-contrast colors,” suggests Gilfillan. “For example – a white Oxford shirt with a burgundy knitted tie, navy cotton suit and oxblood loafers.”

How To Wear An Oxford Shirt To A Formal Occasion

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Business Casual

Understandably, business and casual aren’t two words that have always gone together, but as office dress codes continue to relax, their pairing is becoming increasingly common.

“An Oxford shirt is the perfect staple item for business casual dress,” says Gilfillan. “Worn with an unstructured blazer or as part of tailored separates, you’ll never look over or under-dressed.”

How To Wear An Oxford Shirt At The Office


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Smart Casual

For day-to-day duties, smart casual is the only way to go. Helpfully, the often tricky to dress for code is pretty much what the Oxford shirt was made for.

“An excellent default option for smart casual, an almost denim-toned blue version works well with sand chinos, but there are endless other options, and you can play with tucking it in and leaving it out to change the vibe.”

How To Wear Ab Oxford Shirt



Dressing for downtime doesn’t always have to mean reverting to the same faithful hoodie or pizza-stained T-shirt. Instantly elevate your weekend attire by opting for a button-down in place of a sweat and earn yourself some off-duty style points in the process.

Switch out shoes for sneakers, throw on a casual jacket, and you’re pretty much there, according to Gilfillan. “A light Oxford shirt with jeans, a bomber jacket and trainers makes for a particularly strong weekend look.”

How To Wear An Oxford Shirt Off-Duty

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Buying Considerations

When it comes to the cornerstones of the male wardrobe, pale imitations are rarely a patch on the real deal. To make sure that your Oxford is (literally) cut from the right cloth, take note of these tips when searching for the perfect shirt.


While it might be impossible to visually distinguish between an Oxford shirt crafted from cotton and one blended with manmade fibers such as polyester, you’ll only get a comfortable, breathable and long-lasting wear from the former. Pure cotton Oxford shirts also offer a more pleasant hand feel and will fare far better at keeping you cool in warmer temperatures.

Oxford Shirt Material



Depending on who you ask, different menswear experts will suggest a different starting point for your collection of Oxford shirts. Yet all agree on the holy trinity of colorways every man should own: sky blue, white and pink. This applies whether your Oxford is uniform in color or striped.

The three OCBD colours every man should own


The enduring appeal of the Oxford shirt is its ability to be an everyman, which applies to fit as well as formality. Seek out designs that neatly follow your form without straining over your frame, looking out in particular for a box pleat (a rectangular fold of fabric that runs along the middle of the back) on the reverse for an increased range of movement.

Box pleat on an Oxford Shirt



Menswear purists will say that an Oxford shirt should feature a roll collar (where the lack of interlining causes the collar to rest in a curved shape) but straight collars (which, as you guessed, rest flat) offer a slightly cleaner finish. Oxford shirts without button-down collars, but still cut from the correct cloth, are usually reserved for formal outfits.

Rolled button-down oxford shirt collar



As with any other area of the male wardrobe, the devil is in the detail. Play to the Oxford shirt’s casual heritage by avoiding tricky French cuffs in favor of standard button cuffs. As for the fastenings themselves, mother-of-pearl sets the bar because it gives a depth of color and is more resistant to cracking.

Button cuffs on an Oxford shirt

The Best Brands For Oxford Shirts

Brooks Brothers

The OG of the OCBD, Oxford shirt inventors Brooks Brothers was founded in Manhattan over two centuries ago, making it the oldest continually trading men’s outfitter in the US.

The firm released its iconic Polo Button-Down Oxford shirt in 1896, and in the process created a key building block in many a stylish man’s wardrobe.

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Brooks Brothers Oxford Shirts

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As the high street’s go-to spot for simple American classics, it stands to reason that Gap has an extensive collection of Oxford shirts.

Expect soft, casual cotton, cut slim but not too slim, deployed across short- and long-sleeved versions in a wide range of colors, stripes and checks.

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Gap Oxford Shirts

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Ralph Lauren

It’s impossible to think of an Oxford shirt without preppy, Ivy-League style springing to mind. And you can’t think preppy, Ivy-League style without ending up at Ralph Lauren.

The New York label has made the look its calling card since 1967, and its fitted, flattering Oxford options are some of the best around.

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Ralph Lauren Oxford Shirts

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One of America’s finest examples of classic, preppy style done well, J.Crew has become synonymous with easy-to-wear, modern wardrobe staples.

The brand’s approach has earned it legions of followers worldwide and its neatly fitted Oxfords are just one of the things that keep style-savvy shoppers coming back.

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J.Crew Oxford Shirts


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