Mindfulness in 12 Steps

Being mindful doesn’t sound difficult, but it is. Life is stressful. Besides the flurry of tasks and everyday life, there’s always those nagging thoughts of the past and future. Sometimes it can seem like you are going through each day on autopilot. Don’t fret too much, we have twelve habits that can firmly plant you in the present. 


Step 1 Gratitude


If you decide to only follow one habit on this list, make it gratitude. Gratitude is easily one of the most important habits to include in your everyday life. At times, you might feel as though you don’t have that much to be grateful for. It’s okay, we’ve all been there. This is, however, not true. Do you have food, water, or a place to sleep? Probably you do if you’re reading this right now. Well there you go, that’s three things you can be grateful for right now. 

Expressing gratitude can be simple. It doesn’t have to be just for the big achievements in life. Rather you should use it for even the smallest things, like finally cleaning out your closet. Acknowledging your gratitude, grounds you. It brings your life into perspective and you into the present.  


A way to express gratitude is to carry a coin in your pocket. Whenever you reach into your pocket for whatever reason and touch the coin, take a second to think of something you’re grateful for. This keeps you in a state of appreciation. Try it out for yourself.

Healthy Eating


Step 2. Healthy Eating


This is an obvious one. What you put into your body directly influences how you feel. Think about the last time you pigged out on junk food. It probably tasted great in the moment (hopefully) but most likely left you feeling sluggish and out of sorts. Incorporating healthy foods like leafy greens and amino rich fish are a great way to clean your system and leave you feeling as good as you deserve to feel.

Being in Nature


Step 3. Being in Nature


The outdoors hold a sense of allure for a reason. Sometimes it’s just necessary to get away from the chaos of the city or the humdrum of the suburbs. Nature is beautiful and at times, awe-inspiring. Taking time to be a part of nature not only has the ability to relax you but also puts things in perspective. We are just one small part of this world and sometimes that thought is freeing.