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There comes a time in every man’s life when he realizes his body can’t bounce back like it used to. Hangovers may be more intense or you find yourself waking up on the wrong side of the bed more often than not. In the past few years, detoxes and cleanses have been touted as a solution to all these issues. Special herbs, green juices, or a strict fasting schedule are a few of the solutions to get your body back on track.

Can you really improve your health with just a few weeks of drastic change? Read on to hear our take on detoxing and what might prove a little more effective.

Do Detoxes Work?

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Both anecdotal and scientific evidence suggests the same thing — not really, no. Juicing often doesn’t bring your body all the necessary nutrients you need. Fasting can interrupt the body’s natural functions and flush toxins less efficiently. And while an herbal cleanse may have an impact, there isn’t any reliable data out there to prove it. When it comes to removing toxic substances from the body, the best route is supporting your natural processes.

What’s Happening in Your Body

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Your body doesn’t need green juice or a specific diet to detox itself — it has the systems it needs with your livers and kidneys. Both these organs are designed to combat whatever toxins come through your body.

Your liver converts helpful substances for the body’s use, while also filtering out harmful toxins. This includes what your body naturally produces as it metabolizes. Substances such as bacteria, cholesterol, and hormones are always being filtered out. The liver also takes care of any alcohol, drugs, or chemicals we encounter or consume.

Your kidneys help with regulation — they balance your fluid and electrolyte levels, keep your pH levels in check, and secrete hormones. All these processes are carried out through the kidney’s blood filtration system. This allows the organs to remove toxins from your body.

By living a healthy lifestyle and supporting these organs, your body can flush toxins more efficiently. While that may not come through a specific diet or regimen, employing some of the tactics below can help you achieve what you might be looking for from a cleanse.

When it comes to removing toxic substances from the body, the best route is supporting your natural processes.