How To Plan The Go-To Super Bowl Party Of The Year


For many people, football is synonymous with beer. Provide a variety of domestic, imported, and craft beers to leave some options on the table. It wouldn’t hurt to buy a few bottles of hard liquor for the mixologists at the party.

With alcohol comes designated drivers. Be prepared to offer some water or soda for those who are responsibly driving the party animals home after the game. All you’ll need is a giant cooler or tub to keep your drinks icy cold.

Party Decorations

Creating a comfortable environment is the goal of every party planner. Add a little flair to your party with some football decorations. Most grocery outlets will have football balloons, plates, and napkins.

Get creative and turn your party room into a football field with inflatable goal posts and yard markers. You should be able to find team-specific decorations all over the Internet. It’s amazing what streamers and confetti can do to enhance your Super Bowl environment.

Super Bowl Squares

Making a pool is one of the most entertaining ways to enjoy the game. It’s also the perfect chance for your guests to walk away with a little cash. Super Bowl squares is the most common game to play.

Step-by-step lists detailing the rules can be found pretty easily online. Basically, money is won after each quarter if the last digit of each team’s score matches a person’s assigned square. It’s the ideal way to have some investment in a game if your team did not make it past the playoffs.

Halftime Activities

Not everyone is interested in watching the artists perform during the Super Bowl. That’s ok, go outside and have some outdoor games set up to make halftime fly by. Grab a football and toss it around with your friends.

Create your own tailgate by setting up a bean bag toss out front. Take a break from your television. The main point of throwing a party is to get your friends and family together for some quality socializing.