The Most Bizarre Hangover Remedies That Might Just Work…

Everyone’s got their go-to hangover cures…

Drinking as much water as you can before bed, eating massive amounts of pancakes and other carbs to soak up the booze, drinking a glass of water between every other cocktail, children’s Pedialyte, the list goes on and on…

Some even consider going back to the bottle, and indulging in a little “hair of the dog” by drinking even more alcohol in the morning to even you out. Which sounds like a great idea, but just ends up with you getting more intoxicated when you want to the very least.

But there may be some completely bizarre hangover remedies that you actually haven’t heard of! If you’re crazy enough to try them, some of them just might work, and get your ass out of bed and to work!

Rub Lemon in Your Armpits

Puerto Rico is the origin of this beautiful hangover prescription! If you see a bunch of people scrubbing lemon slices in their armpits before going out for a night on the town, don’t be alarmed – they’re just trying to get some of the stink out, along with preventing dehydration and throbbing headaches. When life gives you lemons, maybe rub a few underneath your armpits!

Bonus: It’ll make your armpits tingly fresh.

Bury Yourself in Sand

An old wives tale for curing a nasty hangover comes all the way from Ireland. The Cure? Burying the hungover person up to their neck in moist river sand!